Frequently Asked Questions


A: If the lot in front of the Bistro is full, there is parking at North City Water District (After 4pm on week days, and all weekend). Or street parking.

***PLEASE DO NOT Park at the North City Lounge... They WILL Tow your car.***


Q: How does the music and food situation work?

A: We are essentially dinner and a show for ticketed events/Listening Room. You buy a ticket to the music (this money goes to the musicians),that process submits a reservation, then you come in, eat and drink while you watch and enjoy the music. 


Q: Are we all ages? 

A: Yes, we are all ages. We just ask that if you are bringing children to a show, that they are able to be respectful of the other listeners that paid to experience the musical performance. 


Q:What kind of alcohol do we serve?

A: We serve all types of alcohol... wine, beer, spirits, and non alcoholic beverages.


Q:Do I need a dinner reservation and a reservation for the show?

A: No, If you buy tickets and make a reservation that way, THAT reservation secures your seats for the evening, including dinner. 


Q: Are there food and beverage minimums?

A: Yes, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we are able to offer a space for these INCREDIBLE musicians. So in order to keep the lights on, and doors opened, we have a $20 minimum per person.


Q: I have my own bottle of wine that I'd like to bring in. Am I allowed to do that? Is there a corkage fee?

A: Feel free to bring in your own wine. We do have a $20 corkage fee. 


Q:Wine Shop Hours

A:Our wine shop hours are from 2pm-6pm. Feel free to come and peruse any time before the shows start. 



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