Frequently Asked Questions...




Q:  Where can I Park?

A:  If the lot in front of the Bistro is full, there is parking at North City Water District (After 4pm on week days, and all weekend). There is also street parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the Bistro. 

***PLEASE DO NOT Park in the loading/unloading spots in front of the laudromat (they are clearly labelled), OR at the North City Lounge - They WILL Tow your car.***


Q:  What to Expect when you dine at the Bistro?

A:  For ticketed shows we are essentially a dinner and a show type venue. You buy a ticket to the music (this money goes to the musicians) which reserves a seat/table for dinner and the show. 

We have "Front room" seating which are normal height tables, and are closest to the music. Then we have "back room" seating and these are tall tables and chairs, and a little farther away from the music.  This area would be great if you want to hear and experience the music but prefer a less loud experience. 

VOLUME - these are live music performances. Guests are paying to listen and experience the show.  We kindly ask that all guests keep their volume to a respectful level. 

Q:  Do I need a dinner reservation and a reservation for the show?

A:   No, when you fill out the info during the checkout process for your tickets, it submits your reservation at the same time.  


***PLEASE note.. that there are two bands that handle their own ticketing. For these bands, you will need to buy the ticket through them, and then if you are sitting in a group, you will need to submit a reservation with the names of the people in your group so that we can seat you all together. ***. 

Q: What time should I come in before a show?

A:  Some people like to eat before the show starts, and others like to eat during the show, so this is a personal preference.  When you buy a ticket for a show, you are assigned a table for the entire night. 

Q: Do we allow people to dine while a show is going on WITHOUT having a ticket?

A: This is a delicate topic. If we are not sold out, often times we will let people dine in the back room. We encourage people to show their support for the local musicians that come in to the Bistro whether this be in the form of paying cover or giving them a tip. They are incredibly talented and they ALWAYS greatly appreciate being tipped. With that said, if we do have space we don't require cover, but request that the volume at all tables stays at a respectful level, since the majority of the guests have paid to listen to the music being performed.  *** Please inquire to confirm we have space for you, if you plan to come in during a show. ***


Q:  Are we all ages? 

A:  Yes, we are all ages. We just ask that if you are bringing children to a show, that they are able to be respectful of the other listeners that paid to experience the musical performance. 


Q:  What kind of alcohol do we serve?

A:  We serve all types of alcohol... wine, beer, spirits, and non alcoholic beverages.


Q: Do I need tickets for the Wednesday Happy Hours, or Sunday Brunches?

A: No, unless specifically stated, these are non-ticketed shows. We appreciate reservations so we can properly staff for all guests. 


Q:  Are there food and beverage minimums?

A:  Yes, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we are able to offer a space for these INCREDIBLE musicians. So in order to keep the lights on, and doors opened, we have a $20 minimum per person.


Q:  Can I bring my own bottle of wine, and is there a corkage fee?

A:  Feel free to bring in your own wine. We do have a $20 corkage fee. 


Q:  How do I buy wine?

A:  Our wine shop hours are from 2pm-6pm. Feel free to come and peruse any time before the shows start.  Email us if you are looking for a case deal, or want us to try to allocate a specific wine you are interested in.


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